Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde.

‘There is a cry a call deep within our hearts

that wants to be heard.

We long for the liberation

of our voice and soul to rediscover

the grandeur of who we truly are

as a force of the highest vibration of Creation.’
                                           Karina Schelde, Founder of the Soul Voice® method

Soul Voice® is a therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, which explores the human voice into its depths, potential and creative expression, founded by Karina Schelde. The Soul Voice® method has been taught to thousands of people worldwide for the last two decades.
Soul Voice® is an invitation to dive deeper into the VOICE we may have forgotten, but that our soul remembers. Let it reveal to you your soul’s infinite wisdom, truth & freedom. READ MORE

We invite you to participate in our many offerings. You may wish to join a short presentation, or choose a session with a certified Practitioner from our global network, or go further with a Soul Voice® workshop or Training.

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PCP Training

PCP is an upgraded 2 1/2 year educational program with 5 seminars ~ each of 8 – 9 days ~ leading to certification as a Professional Soul Voice® Practitioner, facilitated by Founder Karina Schelde.


Prerequisite to PCP is the 2 days & 5 days introductory & immersion workshops.
Facilitated by Authorised/Accredited Soul Voice® Teachers



Karina Schelde offers a masterful teaching in this exceptional & ground-breaking therapeutic voice and sound healing modality, Soul Voice®. Karina has worked with alternative therapies the last four decades and has a background as a professional bodyworker, breath-worker, coach, shamanic healer & actor.

The last two decades she has taught the Soul Voice® method in over 25 countries and trained & certified a selected group of Practitioners & Teachers. She is the author of three books, sound healing CDs, instructional DVDs & an audiobook.

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Expression into Freedom book:

“Karina Schelde offers us a “sound medicine” that is grounded in centuries of factual evidence provided by cultures both indigenous and contemporary. This is an excellent book on the uses of the voice as a healing instrument and I highly recommend it.”MICHAEL BERNARD BECKWITH, author of Life Visioning

New: A video about the Soul Voice® method

An introduction to Soul Voice®, a profound self-development modality specialised in sound & voice work, by Founder Karina Schelde.

New Release, Two Instructional Videos by Karina Schelde

“Liberate the voice to experience your ultimate potential” & “Sound & Movement”

In these videos you will receive clear instructional tools to start using your voice potential through Soul Voice® practices, either practicing in your own home or in nature. It is an excellent first step to the method before eventually being inspired to receive a Soul Voice® session or joining a workshop. Also you may use these treasures to complement your already existing practice.Available as Digital Download in high resolution or purchase on usb-stick


AUDIO: An easy to practice Soul Voice® exercise that you may practice in your own home.

JOIN US at any time during the month in a guided Sounding Meditation that is both a Self Healing Journey as well as a Telepathic Sound Healing. 
Push play and enjoy.
THE FIRST SUNDAY of each month a new Sounding Meditation will be available.

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“The content of the PCP training is impressively HUGE. It is a treasure of an immeasurable source of the highest
information & teachings, which deserves the deepest respect. It felt like we were taught to be able to bring Light on
Earth in an embodied way; to transform humanity in the same way we are transforming ourselves. It has stretched me
in all directions to finally anchor myself deeply into my body, where I now can feel connected with myself, with the
Earth, with Cosmos and everything around me, contained and ready to manifest”.
Olga Currás, Spain
“This Nordic Gnostic is the real deal – as authentic and alive as they come. In her workshop, she creates an atmosphere of loving intensity- arising from an outstanding and gifted healer. Her passion for personal and planetary healing is rare and all-embracing. Karina Schelde lives, breathes, talks and walks her work.”
Robin Brew, New Zealand
“What an incredible force I can feel since ‘The Calling’, as I lost the fear of myself … And each day I realize the dimension and fullness of the woman that you are Karina! You seem to be like us so Human, but in practice exude a real Spirituality, of balance & integration that circulates in the Real World with the mastery of a Being beyond matter! Karina, you make us believe that paradise is here, yes, within us!” .
Ludmila Azevedo, Rio de Janeiro
“When Karina touched me with her voice in the Pain Release exercise I felt my cells move! The release from my shoulder was on such a cellular level as I have processed it in many ways, but this time it felt like all the cells let go. Karina Schelde brings an opportunity to us that is transforming, empowering, with self realisation and love. I encourage everyone to experience this and unlock your body & soul.”
Donna Hall, New Zealand
“The Voice is for me the most powerful instrument for transformation & THE Medicine which the World is waiting for and which is so much needed in the World. Soul Voice® unifies all my Incarnations into one Voice – the Voice of my Soul. Thank you… Karina, my Tribe, all Spirits & the VOICE.”
Zoe Ingellis, Germany
“Your Soul Voice® mesmerised me…you stand so fully ‘in it’, and that moved me deeply. Your passion, vision and true leadership in this ‘work’ could truly heal the world. “
Lorraine Relleen, Durban, South Africa 
“Karina’s teaching wakens you up to the enormous power and influence we have in our voice and breath. Karina has proven that what most of us take for granted, something as age-old and ancestral as the sound that comes out of our throats, can free us in this 21st century.”
Chip Conley, USA
“I see the world through different eyes. I listen with renewed ears. My heart beats to a new frequency in tune with nature and mother earth while feeling more grounded and serene than ever before.”
Michelle Johnstone, South Africa