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Ti invitiamo a vedere i nostri operatori professionisti di Soul Voice® in tutto il mondo. Selezionate il vostro Paese qui sotto per scegliere tra una serie di professionisti pronti a soddisfare le tue esigenze. Alcuni operatori sono disponibili anche per sessioni online.


Igli operatori certificati Soul Voice® Certified Soul Voice® hanno completato con successo il programma di certificazione Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Certification Program, PCP (compresi 5 livelli) durante un percorso di 2 – 3 anni. C’è anche lo studio e la documentazione post-corso, supervisionati da Karina, per ottenere la certificazione.


Il recente aggiornamento del PCP, che ha avuto inizio dal 2018 al 2020, chiede ulteriori ‘requisiti’ per diventare certificato.


I professionisti che hanno completato la certificazione con l’aggiornamento sono contrassegnati con ‘PCP aggiornato’.


Per continuare a praticare come Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner è richiesta l’iscrizione e un aggiornamento annuale.



Alora Waldron

Gold Coast

My passion is working with you to cocreate a sacred space that facilitates transformational healing, connecting you with your soul’s true essence & inner wisdom. These sessions are profoundly effective in restoring love, confidence, inspiration & self-expression. By allowing you to elegantly clear barriers, blocks & any negative programming limiting your whole potential from being realized, you naturally come into balance & harmony. Create loving healthy relationships that flourish & express beauty & joy with each other & the world.

Barbara Rae Graham

Sydney, NSW

Sound has been my teacher for 25 years & Soul Voice® took my work to a new level with sound medicine techniques. Learn to recover the embodied resonance & fullness of your precious voice and journey the deep landscapes of your soul. With the principle that all sounds are welcomed with compassion, allow what arises to express, transition & flow in celebratory song. Be an energy mover & shaker, reweaver of opposites, joy generator, peace maker & sacred activist in sound.

Cheryl Middleton

Perth, WA

Soul Voice® challenged & supported me to face myself and how deeply I was resisting life. Soul Voice® continues to guide me deeper into my present self and the extent to which I am living in or out of my truth. If there are places in your life where you are not in authenticity or integrity, I offer you a gentle, compassionate space of time where you can find the courage to know & live your truth.

Cindy Wessling

Northern NSW

We are here on this exquisitely expressive planet, in uniquely expressive forms, to experience the love & infinite possibility that we are! Often that isn’t our experience, we lose contact with who we really are. Sounding is the medicine that enables me to clear through the confusion of limiting beliefs, allowing me to re-align with truth and guidance. I would be honoured to hold a safe, supportive space for you as you discover the empowering instrument that is within you!

Diane Angehrn

Northern New South Wales

Languages: English and German

My passion is to share the most valuable gift that has been given to me: a safe and nurturing environment to explore deep inner knowing. Sometimes we forget that our wisdom lies within us… Sounding and finding your voice is the most transformational journey to re-discover your unique creative expression, support your confidence, and to find and receive nurturing and healing. With compassion and intuition, I honour and guide you on this journey to embody and embrace the well-being of your soul.

Dorianne Daniels

Hobart, Tasmania

The voice holds the key to activate your full potential as a human being. I will support you as you awaken to the magnitude of who you are. The world needs your authentic spark and truth that is unique to you. I support you to, step by step release outdated and soul limiting programming on a cellular level. I will guide you at a pace that is attuned to your optimal rhythm for the highest healing for yourself and the planet.

Elizabeth Salna

Adelaide, South Australia

Soul Voice® has allowed me to develop a stronger, clearer & more confident voice in daily life. I integrate sounding into my practice as a Clinical Psychologist, especially for grounding & clearing body held trauma. I invite you to join with me in the dynamic experience of a sound healing session. Deepen your connection to your heart, increase your capacity to listen to the guidance of your soul & embody this enduring wisdom in your own unique voice.

Jenny Glover

Moonta Bay, South Australia

Soul Voice® gifted me deep personal healing and changed my life in every way. I have absolute faith that when you are ready to do this, I can support you in our sound sessions as you change & heal your life. Sessions are a co-creation with you which bring about subtle and profound shifts in your consciousness that will impact positively and powerfully in your life. Experience the magic of alchemy with sound and intention as you transform YOU.

Kathryn Santospirito

Adelaide, South Australia

A Soul Voice® session is an unpredictable adventure into your Self, your sounds and your body’s innate wisdom. Can you imagine what treasures and potential you might discover on your unique adventure? Go for it! I would be honoured and excited to accompany you there.

Melissa McCormack

Northern New South Wales
Sessions in person or online.

You have an amazing & unique healing power within you that longs to be released. Your voice is the most powerful instrument for your healing. It’s flexible, organic & can be ‘trained’ to access any frequency needed for your highest healing intention. I will help you discover how your magical voice can move & shake & shift all the ‘rubbish’ you’ve taken on without even realising. What’s keeping you from living your best, most blissful life? Your voice will tell you!



Veronika Engleder

Lindz, Austria

Languages: English and German 

I tried many methods before I found Soul Voice®. I love the way I learnt to use my voice to bring myself back into balance. Whatever situation one finds oneself in, one has the choice as to the path one embraces. Take the Soul Voice® journey with me and I will give you a nurturing environment in which you can reconnect with your true self. As well as working with adults I have a passion facilitating sessions for children and adolescents.


Ruth Danziger

Toronto, Canada

Come into full intimacy with yourself through your voice, using somatic, emotional & spiritual practices designed to help you re-integrate all parts of yourself, including those that have been lost, suppressed or disembodied. As you expand into a full range of soundscapes, your whole Voice, your birthright, becomes available to you in life. Deeply encouraging, grounding, enlivening work. Healing sessions available, calling on the power and subtlety of sound vibration to re-create flow in the body and mind.

Wendelin Bartley

Toronto, Canada

Through the Soul Voice® method, I will guide you in the awakening of your authentic voice as you unlock your creative essence with an exquisite tapestry of sounds. An awakened voice will support you in reaching your highest creative potential and gives you the valuable tools to create energetic shifts in your own life and in the healing of the world

Carol Jean Patterson

Oakland, California, USA

Join me in active and/or passive Soul Voice® sessions to move through the blockages to access your inner joy and power. Receive intuitive voice soundings & emotional release to develop your authentic voice and engage your soul. Sessions can be conducted via Skype or face-to-face in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact me to explore how you can participate in a Soul Voice® session.


Judy Yodit Solomon

Denmark, Copenhagen

A traumatic childhood and lack of self-love, is what brought me here. The Soul Voice® method gave me tools to overcome fear of self-expression, of setting clear boundaries, tools for healing and forgiving my past to finally reconnect with my voice and discover my powerful healing instrument. My mission is to help women reconnect with their passion and life purpose. I offer support to cultivate self-worth, gain clarity and help create freedom & balance in their private and professional life.

Lise Rydstrom


You were born with a beautiful voice. Use it! Learn to express your innermost feelings and transform your pain into love and light, clarity and inner peace! As a Certified Soul Voice Practitioner, I will gladly guide you on your magic and powerful Soul Voice® Journey!

Ulla Maglekilde Jerrebo

Vordingborg, Denmark

My personal life has been finding peace within, to stop blaming and to move through obstacles of negative feelings by using my focused intension to let my voice guide me. My highest purpose is to guide clients to find their inner peace, by working through any obstacle that holds them back as a victim of their thoughts or life circumstances. The body and thoughts guide us to use the voice as our navigation system. Only online sessions in both English & Danish.

Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt

Copenhagen, Denmark

I specialise in the field of children with disabilities and special needs. I give sessions one on one, or in small groups. Sessions start with the parents and then I tune in to the child. Working with sound is a great way for them to express themselves and to be able to communicate what is otherwise difficult to say in words. All my sessions are playful and creative, and operate at a quiet pace in collaboration with the family.


Angelike Valster

Hoorn, The Netherlands

Soul Voice® taught me how to descend in my depths and resolve barricades and pain, I learned abundant ways to liberate myself with my own voice and breath and find more acceptance, relaxation, peace, life-joy, strength, flexibility and creativity. I would love to share this with you. In a Soul Voice® session, we work together, with voice, on your themes. This can be a physical, emotional or spiritual theme. By giving and/or receiving sound you will find your own answers.

Anke de Jong

The Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, Frisian and English

Vocal sounds are keys to inner listening and embodiment of all of who you are. Take a first step, allow yourself to be guided on a wonderful journey into the depths of your Being. Explore and express what wants to be heard. Let sound frequencies unravel and liberate your true Self. Reconnect through sound frequencies and find your way home to freedom, joy & compassion! Soul Voice® is an everlasting adventure and a playful, liberating way to get to know yourself better.

Arjan Verschuur

Noordijk, The Netherlands

After my first wife died, I discovered my passion & talent for guiding people in profound transformation. As a former singer-songwriter, I found out that sounding is not only great fun, but also a very effective & safe way to calm your thoughts, express (suppressed) emotions related to traumatic experiences & to transform limiting beliefs. Beliefs that not only colour your perception of reality, but also work as a magnet that attracts experiences that confirm your (unconscious) beliefs.

Joyce Hellendoorn

Noordijk, The Netherlands

The voice is the most direct entrance to the soul and is an effective & powerful medicine to go through blocks that hold us back from living our full potential from the depths of our soul. Soul Voice® gives you a loving, joyful & respectful relationship with yourself and your surroundings. It helps you listen carefully to yourself so you can make choices in life that serve you well. I would be honoured to guide you on your Soul Voice® path.

Leonieke Niessen

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Our own breath & voice are the most powerful tools to (re)connect to our deepest essence and truth. When we truly listen and express ourselves fully we come in contact with our inner wisdom to live our true potentials and talents. I feel honoured that I can share this great gift with you, to find YOUR unique voice and let the magic happen…

Maike Geurts

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Soul Voice® is a way to connect with myself & feel I am the conductor of my own life. To liberate myself of what I no longer need, bringing me closer to my deep inner nature, femininity, wisdom and love. It is like the undercurrent of the ocean: vast & steadily moving deeply into who I am & all I can be. Let me guide you into the depths of your own inner being to discover all you are; your inner riches & how to embrace them.

Sandra Hilberink

Almelo, The Netherlands

Liberating your voice is a great gift to give yourself. Sound is able to cut through all thoughts & illusions and helps you to enter the depths of your being. It restores the connection with the earth, your ancestors and the sky. Most of all it helps you to let go of pain, anger and patterns that supress you from being YOU! You are welcome to explore your depths & heal yourself in a sacred space with me.

Viola Bennink

Wageningen, The Netherlands

Languages: English and Dutch

Give voice to your insecurities and discomforts and embrace the not-knowing. Soul Voice® constantly guides me towards a freefall into the unknown, in which miracles can happen. Trust the transformative capacity of the voice. Trust your inner wisdom. Then, you can feel at home with yourself, regardless of what’s happening in the outside world. Are you ready to listen to your inner calling? Become more and more authentic and spread the power of intuitive wisdom with me. Online sessions available.


Kaja Benala Schellenberg

Göttingen, Germany

Als Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner begleite ich Menschen und Tiere in den verschiedenen Prozessen des Heilens, Wachsens und Sterbens. Klang hilft mir, auf einer viel tieferen Ebene zuzuhören und zu verstehen. Klang ist ein Werkzeug zum Lösen von Blockaden und Schmerz. Klang transformiert, klärt, reinigt, gibt Ausdruck und bringt in die Stille. Gerne zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie Atem und Klang für sich und Ihre tierischen Begleiter nutzen können. Ich begleite Sie auf Ihrem Weg in Ihre eigene Kraft.

Marieke Vissier


With Soul Voice®, with my soul and with my voice, I feel deeply connected to all the elements and all there is on Mother Earth and in this Universe. To be so fully open and in deep trust, is the biggest gift my voice gave me. I can live, give and I can receive from the purest source! Being in love with my life and everything it brings me!! You can have this too. Exciting…

Marion Pütz

Augsburg, Germany

The answer lies in the uniqueness of your voice! Would you like to learn more about your deeper calling on your life path? Soul Voice® is a very touching method with which you release unnecessary ballast and connect with the vision of your heart and soul. I would be happy to accompany you in your personal growth.


Anne Marie Hynes


I look forward to helping you accept yourself exactly as you are in this exact moment, guiding you to discover the root of your issues and healing them together; using sound vibrations and inner positivity. I will support you as you dive in and allow yourself to be truly free, authentically expressing your own inner sounds. Through the Soul Voice® method you can learn to Love Yourself. You Are Divine.
New Zealand

New Zealand


Wellington, North Island

Discover how to express your truth beyond words… creating your own unique symphony of sound. Together we can transform your world into one of awe & magic! You will liberate your healing powers and reconnect with your divine sacred resonance. Let go of those old stories that do not serve your highest aspirations and allow your magnificence to shine. Through understanding, compassionate and supportive guidance, we will re-ignite the passion for your life’s yearning and feel truly alive.

Jeanette Adams

Nelson, South Island

The passion of our life calling and true selves is often hidden by layers of life experience. Soul Voice® is life changing and, through sessions, we can release pain & trauma, enabling us to interact more deeply with life and our life choices. Using the voice supports us to discover joy and fulfilment & enrich our life with the discovery of our authentic selves. Join me on a journey of healing and self-discovery in a safe & fun environment.


Olga Currás Freixes

Barcelona, Spain

My goal is to awaken the unbelievable power of our voice & ourselves as human beings! I want to discover, go deeper, practice becoming more authentic, free and spontaneous. I wish people to experience more pleasure in life through connection, trust, surrender, compassion and lots of amazing sounds that help us embody our best intentions. We have the power within to become who we really are and the possibility to live with enthusiasm, freedom and ease! Let’s do it together.


Maria Redig

Stockholm, Sweden

It’s hard to put words on all feelings, experiences and pain and to use the whole body to breathe and be present. With the Soul Voice® method it’s possible to work through physical pain and memories with breath, movement and vocal expression. An important ingredient is to play and have fun. The best medicine for trust & courage is a good laugh which brings hope & light. I look forward to supporting you on your path to become the shining star you are!


Fabienne Isabelle PHARISA

Maules (Gruyère – Fribourg), Switzerland

Being a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner means being in Service by sharing the best of what my life path has offered me to remember and develop. Feeling and seeing blockages, feeling and seeing potentials. Thanks to this method, whose intuition and structure are the basis & to the present life experience that the client brings me, we will find together, gently, a gateway to liberation. Step-by-step. Softness, joy & clarity are the main attributes of my incarnation.

Hedwig Ploechl

Zurich, Switzerland

Breathe – sound – alive – loving. With my sounds I can connect with every cell of my physical body and the emotional and subtle level. With sounds I release blockages, stuckness and bring emotions back to aliveness and lightness. I am excited to support you on your path with this unique healing method. Sessions in German & English, in person or online.

Heide Oldewurtel


Soul Voice® helps me find home within myself in every moment of my life. When body, mind and spirit vibrate in coherence, I feel whole and peacefully connected to myself and everything else. My voice guides me, like a compass through my being, enabling deeper understanding, healing hurts and creating space for reorientation. Grateful for my own self development, I would like to accompany other people on their way to a more fulfilling life.

Karin Roig

Lausanne, Switzerland

Sessions in English, French and German

Soul Voice® and sound has deeply shaped my Being, my Life Philosophy and my Daily Life. As sounds are vibrations, they allow deep changes inside your body and as your internal structure gets modified, the Outside also transforms. I will help you become more authentic, feel your own authority, to make guided choices and to be happy. Let yourself be guided by your own wisdom you can access with the sounds and liberate what prevents you from being free.

Madeleine Giarre

Buchillon, Switzerland

Languages: Swedish, French, English, Italian

Soul Voice® taught me to connect with my depths, to stay aligned, to set my limits, to liberate myself and to be happy to just be myself. My voice is my tool. I am the interpreter of your unconsciousness. If you want to free an emotion, a physical pain, or change a belief, I will be happy to guide you with all my respect, knowledge and love. Please book a session and allow us to Sound!

Marianne Comtesse

Uerikon, Switzerland

I developed a deep passion for the human voice. Coming from the depth of our being it resonates a unique, beautiful and healing vibration. The voice has the potential to access memories on a deep cellular level, to release blockages, to connect with the inner wisdom and to bring trust and guidance in our life. I would love to support you on your personal journey to discover your authentic voice as an expression of your inner calling and passion.

Miriam Helle

Zurich, Switzerland

Languages: German, English, Italian

Let’s listen inside and discover our individual voice, the voice which touches our soul as our soul touches the world! To give your own body space, through conscious breathing. To activate the creative force through sound and movement. To find the innermost expression through Soul Voice® work. I will support you on your journey. Creatively, directly, and deeply.

Sabina Ruhstaller; Upgraded PCP

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French

With Sounding we can express everything that is within us. Our voice helps us to effectively release blockages and old patterns and to develop our true potential. I experience this both with my clients and for myself. I am passionate to support you on your way to understand yourself, to love yourself and to gain access to your unique strength. I offer you a safe space and accompany you mindfully and empathetically with my presence and life experience. Online sessions possible.

Sandy Rotach

Zurich, Switzerland

Through the Soul Voice® method, I found a way to release my unspoken words and hidden treasures. I will help you to hear your soul essence and to express it with your voice. Let’s feel whole and free!

Veronique Dutli; Upgraded PCP

Zurich, Switzerland

Through Soul Voice® I learned to free myself from blockages that I had carried around for decades. I have become more grounded, present and compassionate. This gives me so much hope! I am extremely motivated to share this gift with you. Just imagine if every human being could free themselves from everything that is blocking them and thus live their full potential. I am sure that in such a world we could finally live in peace. This is the vision I live for.
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Priscilla ‘Sapphira’ Silcock

London, UK

Soul Voice® is an integral part of how I manage my busy life & stay grounded. As a performer, dance teacher, burlesque entrepreneur, author, mindfulness & business coach, I love that I learned to use my voice to release my deepest fears and to also express my joy & ecstasy without inhibition. I will bring the same level of peace & trust to your Soul Voice® session. This method changes lives and I would love to help you change yours!

Kathleen Kirmer

London, UK

Languages: German, English

Come with me on a journey where we together explore the incredible transforming and deeply healing qualities of our voices & vocal sounds. I offer you a safe and open hearted space where you can find your way back home to your true self. I support you to release what holds you back from living your potential and true health. You will learn to express and embrace your truth, your power and your beautiful divine self.


Adelgunde Müller


Language: German, Italian & English

All’inizio può sembrare poco familiare, ma una volta che hai iniziato a usare la voce per affrontare emozioni spiacevoli o dolorose e situazioni irrisolte, conoscerai la profondità e l’efficienza di questa modalità. Rivelare gli strati che sono stati accumulati in passato ti libererà dagli schemi negativi abituali e quindi cambierà per sempre la tua vita. Il metodo Soul Voice® comprende diverse tecniche che io, in qualità di professionista certificata, utilizzerò con sensibilità e intuizione a seconda delle tue esigenze personali.

Anna Giaroli, upgraded PCP

Parma, Italy

Offro consulenze per l’Espressione del Potenziale e il Benessere e accompagno altre persone a ricontattare ed esprimere l’immenso potenziale di energia, vitalità e salute che risiede in loro stesse. Col Soul Voice® si utilizza la voce per trasformare un disagio fisico o emotivo, o uno schema di comportamento che si vuole lasciare andare, dando spazio alla parte più vitale, libera e intuitiva dell’essere. Il risultato è straordinario! Vieni a sperimentare.

Carmencita Catania

Sicily, Italy,

Per 35 anni mi sono dedicata a lavorare e sostenere i bambini e le loro madri. Attraverso il Metodo Soul Voice® ti assisterò nel riconoscere il tuo potere e le tue risorse; per accettarle e usarle nella tua vita quotidiana. Sosterrò la forza vitale dentro di te con amore ed empatia! Sono disponibile per sessioni individuali e di gruppo; nelle scuole, nelle comunità o ovunque ci sia bisogno. Contattatemi per lavorare con i vostri bambini.

Gianluca Franchini

Italy, Cesenatico

Diventare un Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner è stato il mio più grande risultato attraverso l’ascolto del mio cuore. Soul Voice® mi ha aiutato a sentire la forza del mio cuore, a realizzare i miei sogni, a esprimere il mio più grande talento; la MIA VOCE, e ad essere libero di essere ciò che sono con gioia e amore. Mi piacerebbe aiutarti a scoprire il potere della tua voce, ad esprimerti pienamente, ad amare, a cantare, a goderti la vita e a viverla per illuminare i tuoi veri sogni e desideri. 

Lucia Minichiello

Carpi (MO), Italia

Ho scoperto  la mia voce durante  un seminario di Soul Voice®. La voce è uno strumento che tutti noi abbiamo a portata di mano. Sottostimiamo il suo potere, come spesso anche di noi stessi. È qualcosa di naturale ed a volte magico insieme. Questo metodo ci aiuta a cambiare, ad usare la nostra voce come guida e come strumento per un ascolto interiore profondo ed al contempo semplice, vero ed efficace. Permettiti di dare libero sfogo alle tue emozioni inespresse abbattendo i molti muri che ci creiamo inconsciamente.

Marco Lugaresi

Forli, Italy

Ho permesso a me stessa di diventare una Soul Voice® Practitioner lasciando andare vecchi strati di emozioni e scoprendo un nuovo modo di comunicare con me stessa usando la mia voce in toni più ampi e profondi. Ora questo percorso mi permette di migliorare la qualità della vita di coloro che sono disposti a scoprire e liberare l’energia del loro cuore e della loro anima, stimolando e rafforzando le loro risorse naturali. 


Maria Cristina Franzoni


Mi occupo del benessere della persona a tutto tondo. La mia passione è valorizzare il processo evolutivo che caratterizza l’impulso vitale dell’essere umano. Per questo tra le molteplici formazioni con cui ho costruito il mio percorso professionale, la voce con il metodo Soul Voice® continua ad occupare un ruolo fondamentale. Con gioia, professionalità e rispetto offro le competenze che ho acquisito, e che aggiorno cotinuamente, per illuminare risorse e potenzialità non ancora espresse.

Maria Gisella Locatelli

Carpi (MO), Italy

La voce non mente, va oltre. Dopo 20 anni di ricerca e pratica di varie tecniche, Soul Voice® è il metodo più diretto ed efficace per raggiungere le verità nascoste dentro di sé e porta, attraverso l’autenticità, a riconnettersi con il nostro sé più profondo. In una sessione di Soul Voice® si può lavorare fisicamente ed emotivamente in un ambiente sicuro. Vi guiderò, sia di persona che online, a liberare ciò che vi trattiene. Datevi una possibilità!

Maria Rosa Piraino

Milazzo, Italia

Il perdono, l’accettazione e il lasciar andare i falsi attaccamenti che legano l’Anima che vorrebbe volare sulle onde risonanti dell’esistenza: questo è successo nella mia coscienza lavorando con il metodo Soul Voice®. Ho scoperto che la mia voce è la risonanza che mi ricollega a tutti, al di là delle dimensioni. Sono pronto ad aiutarvi, con amore, affinché possiate trovare il vostro suono interiore per vivere una vita piena e reale. 

Paola Benvenga

Venezia, Italia

Che tu possa essere chiamato dalla Voce di Dio dentro di te. Che tu sia chiamato dalla Guida che ha sempre vissuto dentro di te, quando sei stato felice e quando ti sei perso. Possa tu sentire la necessità di esprimere la tua verità e di spezzare le tue catene. Che tu possa far esplodere il tuo vulcano! Tu e la tua creatività, il tuo essere più profondo. Io sono qui, con la mia conoscenza ed esperienza, per accogliervi e testimoniarvi mentre scoprite la bellezza curativa della voce. 

Paola Riccobon


La voce è uno strumento multidimensionale, che collega tutte le nostre realtà: quando il nostro cuore è aperto, il nostro scopo è chiaro e la nostra intenzione è incontaminata, possiamo espandere e raggiungere il nostro potere ultimo e aprirci al nostro pieno potenziale. Attraverso sessioni individuali sarò lieto di accompagnarvi in questo meraviglioso percorso di conoscenza di voi stessi e di tutta la vostra espressione. Anche per me questa è una scoperta continua e straordinaria, oltre che un percorso di guarigione. 

Renate Lechler

Firenze, Italia

Languages: German, Italian, English.

Per recuperare il nostro potere, dobbiamo perdere la paura e trasformare la nostra oscurità in luce! Siamo nati come esseri di luce. Attraverso Soul Voice® vi aiuterò a ricordare la vostra forma originale e il potere che è dentro di voi! Apritevi a questa trasformazione e senza dubbio sarete aperti alla luce che sta arrivando. Offro sessioni individuali nel giardino delle Orbs o nella Harmonious room nella mia casa nella campagna toscana vicino a Firenze. 

Salvatore Belfiore

Catanzaro, Italia

Posso aiutarvi ad ascoltare e a riconoscere la vostra vera natura divina. Mi sono trovato, come te, a cercare qualcosa che fosse in grado di canalizzare tutta l’energia che avevo dentro… Soul Voice® è quel qualcosa! Smettila di procrastinare! La tua voce è la chiave magica per accedere a ciò che hai sempre voluto e desiderato… “Solo” LEAP! Ricorda, non sarai solo… Sono qui per sostenerti. Prenota una sessione privata in italiano o in inglese, anche via Skype. 

Simona Bandini

Santa Sofia (FC), ITALIA

Sessioni in italiano, inglese e spagnolo.

Madre Natura ci ha dato uno strumento così potente per liberarci: il suono della nostra voce. Siamo nati per cavalcare ogni emozione in piena espressione di noi stessi. Ogni momento è quello giusto per scegliere di ritrovare se stessi, di riconnettersi con la vita, di camminare con gioia e abbondanza, trovando in ogni passo l’amore per se stessi. Abbiamo l’opportunità di lasciare un’impressione unica in questo mondo. La mia intenzione è di sostenervi in questo meraviglioso viaggio. 

Viria Romagnoli

Forlì, Italia

Sessioni in italiano e inglese.

C’è solo un modo per cambiare il mondo che ti circonda ed è quello di cambiare il mondo dentro di te. Quindi, se siete pronti a fare un viaggio meraviglioso, a scoprire la vostra voce unica, a guarire vecchie ferite e ad aiutarvi a risplendere liberi, chiamatemi e possiamo far accadere le cose. La tua voce è la chiave del cambiamento.