Gecertificeerde Soul Voice® Practitioners wereldwijd


We nodigen je uit om onze professionele Soul Voice® Practitioners wereldwijd te bekijken. Selecteer hieronder je land om een keuze te maken uit een prachtig aanbod van practitioners die klaar staan om aan je wensen te voldoen. Sommige practioners zijn ook beschikbaar voor online sessies.  


Gecertificeerde Soul Voice® Practitioners hebben het Soul Voice® Practitioners’ Certification Program, PCP (wat 5 niveau’s in houdt) succesvol afgerond over een periode van 2 – 3 jaar. Er is ook een na-cursus studie en documentatie, onder toezicht van Karina, om gecertificeerd te worden.  


Het recent geüpgrade PCP, dat in 2018 – 2020 van start is gegaan, had verdere ‘eisen’ om gecertificeerd te worden.  


De practitioners die de certificering met de upgrade hebben afgerond, zijn gemarkeerd met ‘upgraded PCP’.


  Om je praktijk te kunnen blijven hebben als Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner is een jaarlijks lidmaatschap en een update nodig.



Alora Waldron

Gold Coast

My passion is working with you to cocreate a sacred space that facilitates transformational healing, connecting you with your soul’s true essence & inner wisdom. These sessions are profoundly effective in restoring love, confidence, inspiration & self-expression. By allowing you to elegantly clear barriers, blocks & any negative programming limiting your whole potential from being realized, you naturally come into balance & harmony. Create loving healthy relationships that flourish & express beauty & joy with each other & the world.

Barbara Rae Graham

Sydney, NSW

Sound has been my teacher for 25 years & Soul Voice® took my work to a new level with sound medicine techniques. Learn to recover the embodied resonance & fullness of your precious voice and journey the deep landscapes of your soul. With the principle that all sounds are welcomed with compassion, allow what arises to express, transition & flow in celebratory song. Be an energy mover & shaker, reweaver of opposites, joy generator, peace maker & sacred activist in sound.

Cheryl Middleton

Perth, WA

Soul Voice® challenged & supported me to face myself and how deeply I was resisting life. Soul Voice® continues to guide me deeper into my present self and the extent to which I am living in or out of my truth. If there are places in your life where you are not in authenticity or integrity, I offer you a gentle, compassionate space of time where you can find the courage to know & live your truth.

Cindy Wessling

Northern NSW

We are here on this exquisitely expressive planet, in uniquely expressive forms, to experience the love & infinite possibility that we are! Often that isn’t our experience, we lose contact with who we really are. Sounding is the medicine that enables me to clear through the confusion of limiting beliefs, allowing me to re-align with truth and guidance. I would be honoured to hold a safe, supportive space for you as you discover the empowering instrument that is within you!

Diane Angehrn

Northern New South Wales

Languages: English and German

My passion is to share the most valuable gift that has been given to me: a safe and nurturing environment to explore deep inner knowing. Sometimes we forget that our wisdom lies within us… Sounding and finding your voice is the most transformational journey to re-discover your unique creative expression, support your confidence, and to find and receive nurturing and healing. With compassion and intuition, I honour and guide you on this journey to embody and embrace the well-being of your soul.

Dorianne Daniels

Hobart, Tasmania

The voice holds the key to activate your full potential as a human being. I will support you as you awaken to the magnitude of who you are. The world needs your authentic spark and truth that is unique to you. I support you to, step by step release outdated and soul limiting programming on a cellular level. I will guide you at a pace that is attuned to your optimal rhythm for the highest healing for yourself and the planet.

Elizabeth Salna

Adelaide, South Australia

Soul Voice® has allowed me to develop a stronger, clearer & more confident voice in daily life. I integrate sounding into my practice as a Clinical Psychologist, especially for grounding & clearing body held trauma. I invite you to join with me in the dynamic experience of a sound healing session. Deepen your connection to your heart, increase your capacity to listen to the guidance of your soul & embody this enduring wisdom in your own unique voice.

Jenny Glover

Moonta Bay, South Australia

Soul Voice® gifted me deep personal healing and changed my life in every way. I have absolute faith that when you are ready to do this, I can support you in our sound sessions as you change & heal your life. Sessions are a co-creation with you which bring about subtle and profound shifts in your consciousness that will impact positively and powerfully in your life. Experience the magic of alchemy with sound and intention as you transform YOU.

Kathryn Santospirito

Adelaide, South Australia

A Soul Voice® session is an unpredictable adventure into your Self, your sounds and your body’s innate wisdom. Can you imagine what treasures and potential you might discover on your unique adventure? Go for it! I would be honoured and excited to accompany you there.

Melissa McCormack

Northern New South Wales
Sessions in person or online.

You have an amazing & unique healing power within you that longs to be released. Your voice is the most powerful instrument for your healing. It’s flexible, organic & can be ‘trained’ to access any frequency needed for your highest healing intention. I will help you discover how your magical voice can move & shake & shift all the ‘rubbish’ you’ve taken on without even realising. What’s keeping you from living your best, most blissful life? Your voice will tell you!



Veronika Engleder

Lindz, Austria

Languages: English and German 

I tried many methods before I found Soul Voice®. I love the way I learnt to use my voice to bring myself back into balance. Whatever situation one finds oneself in, one has the choice as to the path one embraces. Take the Soul Voice® journey with me and I will give you a nurturing environment in which you can reconnect with your true self. As well as working with adults I have a passion facilitating sessions for children and adolescents.


Ruth Danziger

Toronto, Canada

Come into full intimacy with yourself through your voice, using somatic, emotional & spiritual practices designed to help you re-integrate all parts of yourself, including those that have been lost, suppressed or disembodied. As you expand into a full range of soundscapes, your whole Voice, your birthright, becomes available to you in life. Deeply encouraging, grounding, enlivening work. Healing sessions available, calling on the power and subtlety of sound vibration to re-create flow in the body and mind.

Wendelin Bartley

Toronto, Canada

Through the Soul Voice® method, I will guide you in the awakening of your authentic voice as you unlock your creative essence with an exquisite tapestry of sounds. An awakened voice will support you in reaching your highest creative potential and gives you the valuable tools to create energetic shifts in your own life and in the healing of the world

Carol Jean Patterson

Oakland, California, USA

Join me in active and/or passive Soul Voice® sessions to move through the blockages to access your inner joy and power. Receive intuitive voice soundings & emotional release to develop your authentic voice and engage your soul. Sessions can be conducted via Skype or face-to-face in the San Francisco Bay Area. Please contact me to explore how you can participate in a Soul Voice® session.


Judy Yodit Solomon

Denmark, Copenhagen

A traumatic childhood and lack of self-love, is what brought me here. The Soul Voice® method gave me tools to overcome fear of self-expression, of setting clear boundaries, tools for healing and forgiving my past to finally reconnect with my voice and discover my powerful healing instrument. My mission is to help women reconnect with their passion and life purpose. I offer support to cultivate self-worth, gain clarity and help create freedom & balance in their private and professional life.

Lise Rydstrom


You were born with a beautiful voice. Use it! Learn to express your innermost feelings and transform your pain into love and light, clarity and inner peace! As a Certified Soul Voice Practitioner, I will gladly guide you on your magic and powerful Soul Voice® Journey!

Ulla Maglekilde Jerrebo

Vordingborg, Denmark

My personal life has been finding peace within, to stop blaming and to move through obstacles of negative feelings by using my focused intension to let my voice guide me. My highest purpose is to guide clients to find their inner peace, by working through any obstacle that holds them back as a victim of their thoughts or life circumstances. The body and thoughts guide us to use the voice as our navigation system. Only online sessions in both English & Danish.

Yasmin Elvira Steenholdt

Copenhagen, Denmark

I specialise in the field of children with disabilities and special needs. I give sessions one on one, or in small groups. Sessions start with the parents and then I tune in to the child. Working with sound is a great way for them to express themselves and to be able to communicate what is otherwise difficult to say in words. All my sessions are playful and creative, and operate at a quiet pace in collaboration with the family.


Kaja Benala Schellenberg

Göttingen, Germany

Als Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner begleite ich Menschen und Tiere in den verschiedenen Prozessen des Heilens, Wachsens und Sterbens. Klang hilft mir, auf einer viel tieferen Ebene zuzuhören und zu verstehen. Klang ist ein Werkzeug zum Lösen von Blockaden und Schmerz. Klang transformiert, klärt, reinigt, gibt Ausdruck und bringt in die Stille. Gerne zeige ich Ihnen, wie Sie Atem und Klang für sich und Ihre tierischen Begleiter nutzen können. Ich begleite Sie auf Ihrem Weg in Ihre eigene Kraft.

Marieke Vissier


With Soul Voice®, with my soul and with my voice, I feel deeply connected to all the elements and all there is on Mother Earth and in this Universe. To be so fully open and in deep trust, is the biggest gift my voice gave me. I can live, give and I can receive from the purest source! Being in love with my life and everything it brings me!! You can have this too. Exciting…

Marion Pütz

Augsburg, Germany

The answer lies in the uniqueness of your voice! Would you like to learn more about your deeper calling on your life path? Soul Voice® is a very touching method with which you release unnecessary ballast and connect with the vision of your heart and soul. I would be happy to accompany you in your personal growth.


Anne Marie Hynes


I look forward to helping you accept yourself exactly as you are in this exact moment, guiding you to discover the root of your issues and healing them together; using sound vibrations and inner positivity. I will support you as you dive in and allow yourself to be truly free, authentically expressing your own inner sounds. Through the Soul Voice® method you can learn to Love Yourself. You Are Divine.


Adelgunde Müller


Language: German, Italian & English

In the beginning it may feel unfamiliar, but once you start to use your voice to cope with unpleasant or painful feelings and unresolved situations, you will know the depth and efficiency of this modality. Revealing the layers which have been accumulated in the past will free you from habitual negative patterns and thus change your life forever. The Soul Voice® method includes different techniques which I as a professional certified Practitioner will use with sensitivity and intuition according to your personal needs.

Anna Giaroli, upgraded PCP

Parma, Italy

I offer consultancies for the Expression of own Potential & Well-Being & accompany other people to reconnect & express the immense potential of energy, vitality & health which resides within them. With Soul Voice® you use the voice to transform a physical or emotional discomfort, or a pattern of behavior that you want to let go, giving space to the most vital, free and intuitive part of being. The result is extraordinary! Come & experiment.

Carmencita Catania

Italy, Sicily

For 35 years I have dedicated myself to working and supporting children and their mothers. Through the Soul Voice® Method I will assist you in recognizing your own power and assets; to accept and use them in your daily life. I will support the vital force within you with love and empathy! I am available for individual sessions and groups; in schools, communities or wherever there is need. Contact me to work with your children.

Gianluca Franchini

Italy, Cesenatico

Becoming a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner has been my biggest achievement through listening to my heart. Soul Voice® helped me to feel the power of my heart, to realize my dreams, to express my greatest talent; MY VOICE, and be free to be what I am with joy and love. I would love to help you discover the power of your voice, to express yourself fully, to love, to sing, to enjoy life and live it to light your real dreams and desires.

Lucia Minichiello

Carpi (MO), Italia

I discovered my voice during a Soul Voice® workshop. The voice is a tool we have at our fingertips and we underestimate its power. It is natural and sometimes magical at the same time. This method helps us to change, to use our voice as a guide and tool for deep inner listening that is simple, true and effective. Allow yourself to give free rein to your unexpressed emotions by breaking down the many walls we unconsciously create for ourselves.

Marco Lugaresi

Forli, Italy

I allowed myself to become a Soul Voice® Practitioner letting go of old layers of emotions and discovering a new way of communication with myself using my voice in wider and deeper tones. Now this path allows me to better the life’s quality of those who are willing to discover and free the energy of their heart and soul, stimulating and reinforcing their own natural resources.

Maria Cristina Franzoni


My job is about taking care of the whole well-being of the person. My passion is to support the developmental process that is the fundamental impulse of the human being. For this reason, among the several educations with which I built my professional path, the use of Voice with the Soul Voice® method occupies a main role. With joy, skill & respect I offer the acquired knowledge I receive, always updated, to light up resources and potentialities not already expressed.

Maria Gisella Locatelli

Carpi (MO), Italy

The voice does not lie, it goes beyond. After 20 years of research & practicing various techniques, Soul Voice® is the most direct & effective method to achieve the hidden truths within & leads, through authenticity, to reconnect with our deeper self. In a Soul Voice® session, you can work physically & emotionally in a safe environment. I will guide you, both in person and online, to unchain what holds you back. Give yourself a chance!

Maria Rosa Piraino

Milan, Italy

Forgiveness, acceptance & letting go of false attachments that tie down Soul that would like to fly on the resonant waves of the existence: this happened in my consciousness working with the Soul Voice® method. I discovered that my voice is the resonance that reconnects me to all, beyond dimensions. I am ready to help you, with love, so that you can find your inner sound to live a full and real life.

Paola Benvenga

Venice, Italy

May you be called by the Voice of God inside you. May you be called by the Guidance that has always lived within you, when you’ve been happy and when you’ve been lost. May you feel the necessity to express your truth and break your chains. May you let your volcano explode! You and your creativity, your deepest being. I am here, with my knowledge and experience, to welcome and witness you as you discover the healing beauty of the voice.

Paola Riccobon

Forli, ITALY

The voice is a multi-dimensional tool, which links all of our realities: when our heart is open, our purpose is clear and our intention is pristine, we can expand and reach our ultimate power and open up to our full potential. Through individual sessions I will be happy to take you along this wonderful path of further knowledge of yourselves and of your whole expression. For me too this is a continuous and extraordinary discovery as well as a healing path.

Renate Lechler

Florence, Italy

Languages: German, Italian, English.

In order to reclaim our power, we have to lose our fear and transform our gloom into light! We were born as light beings. Through Soul Voice® I will help you remember your original form and power that is inside of you! Open yourself to this transformation and without doubt, you will be open to the light that is coming. I offer individual sessions in the Orbs garden or Harmonious room at my place in the Tuscan countryside near Florence.

Salvatore Belfiore

Catanzaro, Italy

I can help you to listen and recognize your true divine nature. I found myself, like you, looking for something that was able to channel all the energy I had inside… Soul Voice® is that something! Stop procrastinating! Your voice is the magic key to access what you have always wanted and wished for… “Just” LEAP! Remember, you won’t be alone… I’m here to support you. Book a private session in Italian or English, also via Skype.

Simona Bandini

Santa Sofia (FC), ITALY

Mother Nature has given us such a powerful tool to set us free: the sound of our voice. We were born to ride every emotion in full expression of ourselves. Every moment is the right one to choose to find yourself, to reconnect with life, to walk with joy & abundance, finding in each step the love for oneself. We have the opportunity to leave a unique impression in this world. My intention is to support you in this wonderful journey.

Viria Romagnoli

Forli, Italy

Sessions in Italian and English.

There is only one way to change the world around you and it is through changing the world within you. So if you are ready to make a wonderful journey, discovering your own unique voice, healing old wounds and assisting you to shine free, call me and we can make things happen. Your voice is the key to the change.
New Zealand

New Zealand


Wellington, North Island

Discover how to express your truth beyond words… creating your own unique symphony of sound. Together we can transform your world into one of awe & magic! You will liberate your healing powers and reconnect with your divine sacred resonance. Let go of those old stories that do not serve your highest aspirations and allow your magnificence to shine. Through understanding, compassionate and supportive guidance, we will re-ignite the passion for your life’s yearning and feel truly alive.

Jeanette Adams

Nelson, South Island

The passion of our life calling and true selves is often hidden by layers of life experience. Soul Voice® is life changing and, through sessions, we can release pain & trauma, enabling us to interact more deeply with life and our life choices. Using the voice supports us to discover joy and fulfilment & enrich our life with the discovery of our authentic selves. Join me on a journey of healing and self-discovery in a safe & fun environment.


Olga Currás Freixes

Barcelona, Spain

My goal is to awaken the unbelievable power of our voice & ourselves as human beings! I want to discover, go deeper, practice becoming more authentic, free and spontaneous. I wish people to experience more pleasure in life through connection, trust, surrender, compassion and lots of amazing sounds that help us embody our best intentions. We have the power within to become who we really are and the possibility to live with enthusiasm, freedom and ease! Let’s do it together.


Maria Redig

Stockholm, Sweden

It’s hard to put words on all feelings, experiences and pain and to use the whole body to breathe and be present. With the Soul Voice® method it’s possible to work through physical pain and memories with breath, movement and vocal expression. An important ingredient is to play and have fun. The best medicine for trust & courage is a good laugh which brings hope & light. I look forward to supporting you on your path to become the shining star you are!


Fabienne Isabelle PHARISA

Maules (Gruyère – Fribourg), Switzerland

Being a Certified Soul Voice® Practitioner means being in Service by sharing the best of what my life path has offered me to remember and develop. Feeling and seeing blockages, feeling and seeing potentials. Thanks to this method, whose intuition and structure are the basis & to the present life experience that the client brings me, we will find together, gently, a gateway to liberation. Step-by-step. Softness, joy & clarity are the main attributes of my incarnation.

Hedwig Ploechl

Zurich, Switzerland

Breathe – sound – alive – loving. With my sounds I can connect with every cell of my physical body and the emotional and subtle level. With sounds I release blockages, stuckness and bring emotions back to aliveness and lightness. I am excited to support you on your path with this unique healing method. Sessions in German & English, in person or online.

Heide Oldewurtel


Soul Voice® helps me find home within myself in every moment of my life. When body, mind and spirit vibrate in coherence, I feel whole and peacefully connected to myself and everything else. My voice guides me, like a compass through my being, enabling deeper understanding, healing hurts and creating space for reorientation. Grateful for my own self development, I would like to accompany other people on their way to a more fulfilling life.

Karin Roig

Lausanne, Switzerland

Sessions in English, French and German

Soul Voice® and sound has deeply shaped my Being, my Life Philosophy and my Daily Life. As sounds are vibrations, they allow deep changes inside your body and as your internal structure gets modified, the Outside also transforms. I will help you become more authentic, feel your own authority, to make guided choices and to be happy. Let yourself be guided by your own wisdom you can access with the sounds and liberate what prevents you from being free.

Madeleine Giarre

Buchillon, Switzerland

Languages: Swedish, French, English, Italian

Soul Voice® taught me to connect with my depths, to stay aligned, to set my limits, to liberate myself and to be happy to just be myself. My voice is my tool. I am the interpreter of your unconsciousness. If you want to free an emotion, a physical pain, or change a belief, I will be happy to guide you with all my respect, knowledge and love. Please book a session and allow us to Sound!

Marianne Comtesse

Uerikon, Switzerland

I developed a deep passion for the human voice. Coming from the depth of our being it resonates a unique, beautiful and healing vibration. The voice has the potential to access memories on a deep cellular level, to release blockages, to connect with the inner wisdom and to bring trust and guidance in our life. I would love to support you on your personal journey to discover your authentic voice as an expression of your inner calling and passion.

Miriam Helle

Zurich, Switzerland

Languages: German, English, Italian

Let’s listen inside and discover our individual voice, the voice which touches our soul as our soul touches the world! To give your own body space, through conscious breathing. To activate the creative force through sound and movement. To find the innermost expression through Soul Voice® work. I will support you on your journey. Creatively, directly, and deeply.

Sabina Ruhstaller; Upgraded PCP

St. Gallen, Switzerland

Languages: German, English, French

With Sounding we can express everything that is within us. Our voice helps us to effectively release blockages and old patterns and to develop our true potential. I experience this both with my clients and for myself. I am passionate to support you on your way to understand yourself, to love yourself and to gain access to your unique strength. I offer you a safe space and accompany you mindfully and empathetically with my presence and life experience. Online sessions possible.

Sandy Rotach

Zurich, Switzerland

Through the Soul Voice® method, I found a way to release my unspoken words and hidden treasures. I will help you to hear your soul essence and to express it with your voice. Let’s feel whole and free!

Veronique Dutli; Upgraded PCP

Zurich, Switzerland

Through Soul Voice® I learned to free myself from blockages that I had carried around for decades. I have become more grounded, present and compassionate. This gives me so much hope! I am extremely motivated to share this gift with you. Just imagine if every human being could free themselves from everything that is blocking them and thus live their full potential. I am sure that in such a world we could finally live in peace. This is the vision I live for.
United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Priscilla ‘Sapphira’ Silcock

London, UK

Soul Voice® is an integral part of how I manage my busy life & stay grounded. As a performer, dance teacher, burlesque entrepreneur, author, mindfulness & business coach, I love that I learned to use my voice to release my deepest fears and to also express my joy & ecstasy without inhibition. I will bring the same level of peace & trust to your Soul Voice® session. This method changes lives and I would love to help you change yours!

Kathleen Kirmer

London, UK

Languages: German, English

Come with me on a journey where we together explore the incredible transforming and deeply healing qualities of our voices & vocal sounds. I offer you a safe and open hearted space where you can find your way back home to your true self. I support you to release what holds you back from living your potential and true health. You will learn to express and embrace your truth, your power and your beautiful divine self.


Angelike Valster

Hoorn, The Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, Frisian and English

Je stem is het instrument voor (zelf)bevrijding, heling en verbinding met de essentie van je Ziel. Verken het onontdekte in jezelf dat ernaar verlangt gehoord en gezien te worden. De Soul Voice® methode gaf mij de structuur en diepgang waar ik je graag in uitnodig. Om je stem op deze manier te gebruiken, helpt je om uit je hoofd, in je lichaam te komen. 


Van denken naar voelen en dan weer in contact te komen met je ware wijsheid. Om te leven vanuit je hart. Om vertrouwen te vinden en van jezelf te houden om wie je werkelijk bent – creatief en vrij. Mijn stem en adem zijn mijn anker, mijn medicijn en mijn verbinding met de Bron. Ik ontdekte dat het bevrijden van mijn stem en adem mij persoonlijke vrijheid gaf. 


Door me te verbinden met mijn stem leerde ik diep te luisteren, en mezelf te leren kennen. Mijn stem is mijn medicijn geworden voor persoonlijke ontwikkeling – van onderdrukking tot creativiteit en authenticiteit. Dus nu nodig ik je uit om deze reis met mij te maken. Ik zal een veilige ruimte creëren waar je diep kunt duiken en je stem kunt bevrijden, je talenten, dromen en passie kunt vrijmaken om te transformeren wat je tegenhoudt! Ik ben zo blij en verheugd om de Soul Voice® workshops te faciliteren!

Anke de Jong

The Netherlands

Languages: Dutch, Frisian and English

Vind je weg door jezelf beter te leren kennen, waardoor je dagelijkse uitdagingen, in je werk/privé, aan kunt, met plezier. Leven is durven voelen! Dat is een van de dingen die ik heb geleerd in mijn Soul Voice® opleiding. Stemklank laat je voelen. En soms is dat best spannend. Maar juist wat spannend is, verbergt onaangesproken kwaliteiten, inzichten en levensenergie. Durf jij het aan? Voor mij was deelname aan de Soul Voice® 2-daagse en 5-daagse een ommekeer in mijn leven. 


Van gericht zijn op de buitenwereld, naar de verbinding maken met mijzelf, mijn eigen gronding, mijn eigen kompas en intuïtie. Alles kwam voor mij samen in de klanken die mij als vanzelf meenamen naar gebieden die ik nog niet kende van mijzelf. Het heeft mijn leven verrijkt. Na elke workshop ben ik weer dankbaar voor de kracht en de magie die besloten ligt in de zorgvuldig opgebouwde workshop en de stemklank-frequenties die je meenemen naar je verlangen. 


Om daar jezelf te ontmoeten en de liefde voor jezelf te vergroten. Voor mij is zorgvuldigheid en een veilige container de basis van waaruit ik met compassie en speelsheid graag een stukje met je meeloop op je pad. Tot ziens!

Arjan Verschuur

Noordijk, The Netherlands

Na het overlijden van mijn eerste vrouw ontdekte ik mijn passie & talent voor het begeleiden van mensen in een diepe transformatie. Als voormalig singer-songwriter kwam ik erachter dat klinken niet alleen leuk is, maar ook een zeer effectieve & veilige manier om je gedachten te kalmeren, (onderdrukte) emoties te uiten met betrekking tot traumatische ervaringen & om beperkende overtuigingen te transformeren. Overtuigingen die niet alleen je perceptie van de werkelijkheid kleuren, maar ook werken als een magneet die ervaringen aantrekt die je (onbewuste) overtuigingen bevestigen. 

Joyce Hellendoorn

Noordijk, The Netherlands

De stem is de meest directe toegang tot de ziel en een effectief & krachtig medicijn om door blokkades heen te gaan die ons tegenhouden om ons volledige potentieel te leven. Soul Voice® geeft je een liefdevolle, vreugdevolle en respectvolle relatie met jezelf & je omgeving. Het helpt je om goed naar jezelf te luisteren, zodat je keuzes kunt maken die je goed dienen. Ik zou het een eer vinden om je te mogen begeleiden op je Soul Voice® pad. 


Het gebruik van de helende kracht van de stem ontrafelt alles wat tussen jou en je ware zelf staat. Kwetsbaar zijn, zacht en tegelijkertijd krachtig. Intuïtief in de wereld staan met een open hart. Sterke grenzen voelen en een diepe verbinding met de aarde en de hemel. Soul Voice is een ambacht dat eeuwenoud is, onderschat en vergeten in onze westerse cultuur. 


Het is pioniers- en terugvorderingswerk om dit ambacht haar rechtmatige plaats terug te geven in onze samenleving. Een werk waar ik heel blij en enthousiast over ben. Dat onze vreemdste klanken kunnen graven, openen, bevrijden, transformeren, helen en dat we een heel scala aan harmonische boventonen in onze stem hebben… het heeft zo veel parels. Ik hoop dat ik je ooit eens zal ontmoeten tijdens een workshop.


Leonieke Niessen

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

Onze eigen adem en stem zijn de krachtigste instrumenten om (opnieuw) in contact te komen met onze diepste essentie en waarheid. Het Soul Voice® werk heeft mij geholpen om alles te ontrafelen wat mij ervan weerhield om mijn leven en passies op de best mogelijke manier te leven, vol vertrouwen en vreugde! Als we echt luisteren en onszelf volledig uitdrukken komen we in contact met onze innerlijke wijsheid om ons ware potentieel en talenten te leven. Ik voel me vereerd dat ik dit grote geschenk met jou kan delen, om JOUW unieke stem te vinden en de magie te laten gebeuren.

Maike Geurts

Tilburg, The Netherlands

Soul Voice® is een manier om met mezelf in contact te komen en te voelen dat ik de dirigent van mijn eigen leven ben. Om mezelf te bevrijden van wat ik niet langer nodig heb, en me dichter bij mijn diepe innerlijke natuur, vrouwelijkheid, wijsheid en liefde te brengen. Het is als de onderstroom van de oceaan: uitgestrekt & gestaag bewegend diep in wie ik ben & alles wat ik kan zijn. Laat me je begeleiden naar de diepten van je eigen innerlijke wezen om te ontdekken wat je allemaal bent; je innerlijke rijkdommen & hoe je ze kunt omarmen.

Sandra Hilberink

Almelo, The Netherlands

Het bevrijden van je stem is een groot geschenk om jezelf te geven. Geluid is in staat om alle gedachten en illusies te doorbreken en helpt je de diepte in te gaan. Het herstelt de verbinding met de aarde, je voorouders en de hemel. Het helpt je vooral om pijn, boosheid en patronen die je onderdrukken van het zijn van JOU! Je bent welkom om je diepte te verkennen & jezelf te genezen in een heilige ruimte met mij. 

Viola Bennink

Wageningen, The Netherlands

Languages: English and Dutch

Geef jouw onzekerheden en ongemakken een stem en omarm het niet-weten. Soul Voice® leid mij constant naar een vrije val in het onbekende. Daarin kunnen wonderen gebeuren. Vertrouw op het transformerende vermogen van de stem. Vertrouw jouw innerlijke wijsheid. Dan kun je jou thuis voelen bij jezelf, ongeacht wat er in de buitenwereld gebeurt. Ben je klaar om naar jouw innerlijke roeping te luisteren? Word steeds authentieker en verspreid de kracht van intuïtieve wijsheid met mij. Online sessies beschikbaar.